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Here for Your Dental Emergencies

You might have a broken jaw, a tooth knocked out of its socket, severe pain, or bleeding or something that needs urgent attention. At times like this, you should reach out to us. We offer top-notch emergency dental services and we are always ready to intervene to alleviate your pain and discomfort.

The term ‘dental emergency’ is an umbrella word that encompasses issues involving the teeth and associated structures which are of high relevance and importance and must be promptly fixed by the appropriate professional.

Sources of Dental Emergencies

Trauma due to accidents is one of the leading causes of emergency cases. Sometimes, it might also be trying to bite something hard or even a sudden onset toothache. Pain can be a sign that there is something that urgently needs to be looked at. So when you visit us, with any history of pain, our experienced dental health professionals can locate the cause and proffer a solution to the issue.

Infections – bacterial, viral or fungi can be a source of dental emergencies. As professionals, we make sure such cases are treated with caution because they could actually be a pointer to other things going on in the body. They could also progress to conditions like septicaemia which is a widespread infection in the blood and this could lead to shock. You certainly do not want that.

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Our Experienced Staff Are Ready to Help

Another cause of a dental emergency could also be a fallen out dental restoration. This could be somewhat embarrassing, depending on when and how it happens and you might just want to get it fixed as soon as possible. A dental restoration can fall off due to, trauma or a weakening of the tooth structure. They should not be taken for granted as some of the materials used when not handled properly can infect the user, leading to other complications.

However it comes, you can always trust our emergency services to come to your rescue. With staff trained and always available, you can be rest assured that we got you covered.

You might also not have pain or a broken jaw, but for aesthetic or other reasons, like speech and pronunciation, feeding, you want your teeth fixed back as soon as possible, we also would offer emergency services.

Contact Us Right Away

The fact is that except for the very obvious ones, as a layman, you might not know that you have a dental emergency or require dental emergency services, so the best thing to do is to always promptly report any cases of dental anomalies, whether painful or not, to us. We have instructions on how to deal with cases. Part of the benefits of working with us is that as soon as you contact us and make a complaint, our highly effective system sorts your complaints out and lets you know if it is an emergency and promptly fixes a meeting.

Whatever your case, or cause, our emergency services are there to effectively alleviate the cause of worry or pain. You can be rest assured that you are in safe and professional hands. Once you get in contact with us, we would guide you through a step-by-step process to ensure your total and quick recovery.

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