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Dental Restorations

Dental Restorations in Oakville

You only get one smile. Why not make the best of it? At Noonoo’s Dentistry, we help Oakville with dental restorations for all ages. While we love helping our patients with preventative care, some complications can arise that require further intervention. If you have a cracked tooth, missing teeth, or other issues hurting both your smile and your self-confidence, give us a call. We’ll help you get your oral health, confidence, and smile back with our restorative procedures.


A crown is a great option for restoring a tooth after work has been previously done. If it is beyond repair for fillings or other methods, we can place a crown on top of the tooth to protect it. This helps prevent further damage. Crowns come in porcelain and metal. Most patients prefer a matched, tooth-coloured crown that hides well in their existing smile.

Dental Implants

A permanent installation to fixing your smile, we apply dental implants when other methods aren’t effective enough. These require more than a single visit to complete but are strong installations that closely resemble real teeth.


Over time, plaque left in your teeth turns into decay and will cause a cavity in your tooth. We apply fillings after removing the decayed portion of your teeth.

dental restoration


We use bridges to close the gap between missing teeth in your smile. They are attached to existing teeth to form a strong and secure bond to help with your oral health, speaking, chewing, and more. If a filling or crown doesn’t fix an issue, we mostly go with a dental bridge. These dental restorations work especially well when you are missing multiple teeth in a row.

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